Fathers, please stand up!

If any nation is going to experience real change, it has to begin with the smallest unit of the nation which is the family. The rebranding we have been talking about in Nigeria has got to start from the family. Our society’s fundamental problems are not going to be fixed by the church or the government but by families under the leadership of responsible fathers bringing up godly children.
We frequently hear great people appreciate their mums for the role they played in their upbringing but rarely hear about fathers. Typical success stories portray mothers as women who have played vital roles in the lives of the person or people involved. While awards and songs are dedicated to mothers, we only hear stories of fathers abandoning young children with struggling mothers. Now, statistics indicate that a greater proportion of youths involved in various vices are products of homes where true fatherhood is missing. I believe fatherhood is under attack from the enemy because of its significance in the home. For some, the devil has turned the graces and abilities God has given men into channels of abuse. It would appear that we have more mothers than fathers who have discovered their roles and responsibilities in child upbringing and have even adopted roles that should primarily belong to fathers. While we accept single parenting (in unavoidable situations) as a circumstance we have to live with, I strongly believe God’s original plan is that a father and a mother bring up godly seeds together. Mal 2:15. Each has specific responsibilities that are best fitted for them. The responsibilities of fatherhood are great and are best handled by a man. Men have been endowed with the graces to carry out the basic responsibilities of protection, discipline, instruction, provision and guidance. Every man’s fundamental responsibility is to bring up godly children who would likewise become great parents. Every father has a divine mandate to raise godly children. Myles Munroe says, ‘fatherhood is the highest honor God can bestow on any man’. The family is a man’s immediate sphere of influence. And fathers should make every moment spent with their children count.
It takes a miracle to change a grown man but sound counsel by a godly father in an atmosphere of discipline can change a child’s life for good. The values that make a man or woman a caring father, a loving husband, a suitable helpmeet, a principled leader or a law abiding citizen are usually developed at childhood. A father plays a vital role in cultivating these values in a child. If children are gifts from God, then no child is born to turn out bad because God does not give bad gifts. Some children might just require more attention than others. The greatest legacy you could give them consists of the things money cannot buy. While you provide education, food and clothing, ensure you help them develop godly character and the right values. Best of all, teach them to love God with all they’ve got. Never ever give up on developing the gifts we call children that God has given us.
I look forward to more success stories in which fathers play prominent roles.


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  1. Greigns, i love this write up probably because of how i have strongly disagree with the idea of leaving children under the care of Nanies and house help by career conscious parents. Parents are the creator of the future and well being of a childs destiny! Irrespective of the schools that a child attends, the values he draws from school can not be comapred with that of the home……that is why they say ” Charity begins at home” and not from school. Institutions are just contributors to the development and character forming stages of a child. No institution can take the place of parents in creating the future of their children….so whatever is not available at home will definitely place a limit on any contribution from outside. The quality of the life of your children determines the life they live…..”Train up a child” the bible says.
    With due respect to Fathers, Fathers to be and some of us that are trusting God to get hooked on….hope you understand.
    Scripture says ” Hear the Instructions of your father”…. this emphatically placed a responsibility on fathers as instructors in the home. So any behaviour a child exhibit largely boils down to the instructions he has being receiving from the INSTRUCTOR (father). Please fathers make una no fall my hand….because only the cry of a father can draw the attention of the society and not the cry of his child, so dont hold the rod of correction from them. If you dont make him to cry today when he misbehave, then you will be the one to cry tomorrow when he begins to rub the family name on mud. Only God can bend a fish when it is completely dried…… bend it when it is fresh.

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