Whose scorecard?

It has been the season of rewards, bonus, extra pecks, gifts, sales, special offers, etc. Everyone is seeking something extra as the year winds down. This has also been the time people go the extra mile to meet targets and realise dreams they visualised at the beginning of year. Usually, this is accompanied by a lot of rush, some anxiety, increased expectations, a few regrets and of course, more prayers. We begin to wonder if we would have gotten different results if we had acted or reacted differently sometime during the year.
As you assess your performance this year, you should not forget the things you ‘thought’ to do concerning your walk with the Lord or service for Him. Have you seen a commensurate improvement compared with other aspects of your life? Did that change in attitude take place? Did you take giant leaps of faith or was your story that of a stunted growth experience. While we take stock of what we have acquired, balance our accounts and tick out our requests list we should also check God’s evaluation list to see if we fulfilled all He set out for us to do this year. While we rush to meet those targets and get those last minute miracles, we should make spirited efforts by the help of His Spirit to fulfill the assignments He has given us.
I believe that if we had paid some more attention to this aspect of our lives we would have had some easier victories. And really, if we paid more attention to the things that matter most to God’s heart, we would have a much easier life. Matt 6:33

What if God’s own evaluation of our performance this year were His yardstick for our promotion next year? He would like to say, Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things in 2011 (Matthew 25:23).
Heading into the New Year, we can adopt a new approach to our day to day affairs. We can make God’s agenda ours and seek to run His errands. What would You have me do for You today? What am I to put off and/or put on? Who am I to reach out to today or connect with?
Each day is a gift to be lived out for Him. Our greatest show of appreciation for the life He has given us is to spend our time to the glory of God. True success is accomplishing what God has given us to do according to His own plan. This is regardless of whether the world recognizes us for what we have done or not, or whether our efforts are measurable by man’s standards or not. Real satisfaction is experienced when we are in the centre of God’s will.
As a child of God, there is an investment of grace that should not be in vain. He has given you all that pertains to life and godliness so that you are fully equipped to fulfill His purpose for your life. We should be able to say like Paul said in I Corinthians 15:10 …his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain.
The sweetest thing about all this is that as we find ourselves surrendering to fulfill God’s purpose through us, things just seem to fall perfectly in place in all spheres of our lives. Our struggles would be less and our visions and desires fulfilled. I believe the best of the year ahead belongs to the sons and daughters of God, those who would be available to Him. If you would make His business your business, He would bring you into the place of prominence and affluence. He would have your back covered and take care of all your concerns.
Please sign up for God today.



  1. Thanks Gman for this reflection. I pray that we all learn to put first things first and learn to know whats really important and to do it. once, again thank you

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