Month: February 2011


A friend told a true story that happened when he was still in school. He and a pal of his had undertaken one of those trips out of town your parents should not know about, if you get what I mean. On their way back to school at about 12midnight, they had a flat tire and were stranded. There they were in the middle of nowhere, with no phones, and surrounded by the frightening sound of darkness. They were scared and confused. But then one of them said that he was sure nothing would happen to them because he knew his mum had been praying for him. Truly, help came for them that night and they did not have to sleep on the highway that night. They knew God had answered someone’s prayers, the prayers of a loving mum.
We all need prayers. Prayer brings God’s intervention in our earthly affairs. We can never do too much of praying ourselves or have too much of praying on our behalf. In James 5:16, we are urged to pray one for another. Some people around us have major issues to pray about, some have things we would consider trivial. There is nothing too little or too big to talk to God about. There is that friend of yours who used to inspire you back in the days who seems a little cold now. Or that crony of yours who has picked up some habits you are convinced are negative. There is the colleague who is experiencing some trying moments and the friend who is standing at a crossroad with no clue as to where to turn. There is the pal unconsciously under the spell of a strong seduction spirit and there is that girl facing some pressure she sincerely thinks she cannot handle. Life might have thrown a curve ball at someone close who has no clue on to how to respond. Everyone would do with some help and prayers.
We are not meant to exist independently but as members of God’s family united in love. One songwriter says, ‘I need you to survive’. We all get into situations where our abilities and effort are not sufficient to carry us through. At such times, the prayers of a friend or the word of comfort from a brother or sister could provide the fix.
Have a list of people you pray for. These people might be saved or unsaved (their salvation would be the top prayer request). They might be ordinary acquaintances or close friends. Form prayer networks. You could be a member of a group where each one watches over the rest of the group. You share prayer requests, praise reports and agree on God’s will concerning issues. Be sensitive to the Spirit. From time to time, He would bring someone into your remembrance, sometimes just as a passing thought and sometimes with a burden. Such moments are great opportunities to pray for that individual. You might get an impression on a definite prayer request for the fellow and at other times, you might just have to offer a general prayer.
Praying for other is such a wonderful way to give. Rather than focusing on your needs, you bear the burdens of others (Gal 6:2). It is an opportunity to be a labourer with God (I Cor 3:9), it’s also a fine moment to receive more of God’s blessing because you can never ‘out give’ God. It would be great to hear in heaven, like another song writer said, ‘Thank you for giving to the Lord…I am so glad you gave’, because you prayed for someone or some people on this side of eternity.