Sometime ago I had to send an email to the management of the school my son attends because I was worried about the kind of songs played for the school children on their sports days. It was thrilling to see the change following the email. This further drove home the point that we can actually make changes around us no matter how small or insignificant they look. Interestingly, they acknowledged that they had gotten a number of similar comments already before they got my email. Sometimes, it is our input that brings the issue to its tipping point for the positive change we require. Let’s get involved in preserving the future for ourselves and our children in accordance with God’s word. Below is an excerpt of the mail I sent.

“I am a big fan of great music, particularly well composed music, but I am deeply concerned about the kind of songs played for our children on their sports days. The lyrics of a lot of these songs (both local and foreign) have an adult theme and are not very healthy for the children. I am told that music is the food of the soul. This implies that music plays a big role in the nourishment and modeling of the mind. In other words, what we hear affects our decisions, attitudes and perspectives of life. You would agree with me that a lot of the songs played contain lyrics that require selective listening by matured minds. Even adults struggle with blocking their minds to the subconscious replay of some of these songs because they consider the lyrics as unproductive. How do we expect children who are still learning how to differentiate between good and evil to handle these songs? Statistics show that increase in suicides, murders and other crimes has been fueled by the songs people listen to. I am convinced (school name) is a partner in the overall development of our children and thus our efforts must compliment each other’s to make sure we have well formed children with sound moral values. I believe the school can get a lot of wholesome music that would achieve the desired objectives.”

Jesus said we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We would not only pray; we would speak out and act rightly without getting violent or smearing the name of our Saviour in the process. Remember we are kingdom ambassadors here on earth.

Still in His grip.


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