We really never get to know the details of all that transpire between couples when the bedroom doors are shut or when they are out of the view of the curious world. I am not talking about the intimate moments or slices of lovey-doveyness that couples should freely enjoy. I am referring to the no-holds-barred connections, the interactions of bare minds and the mingling of personalities that marriage thrusts on couples. A lot of couples have done a good job relating with each other and are coasting along beautifully but I know that this is not the same story everywhere. Consequently, when we look around, are all couples truly happy together? Would they marry each other again if God, for some mysterious reason gave them the chance to remarry with no strings attached? How many marriages would still be happy, with no regrets, ten or twenty years from now? Marriage is God’s idea…we have heard it once and again and it truly is…Amen somebody. Good marriages need all the godly support they can get in this age. Couples need a decent foundation, the right building blocks, sound counsel and the right focus. No one has all the secrets to guarantee everyone on earth a great marriage. But once and again, one finds great stuff that people can benefit from. I found one recently and I’d like to share with you. It’s an article by John Greco, found here and I’d like you to read it.

Let me know what you think afterwards.


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