I seek something

I feel I am not at my peak

I am not there yet…but where is THERE?

I am trying

I am struggling

I have gambled and taken chances

I have tested different methods

I have applied laws and THE LAW

I still feel something is missing

I still feel unsatisfied

There is so much silence or is the expected voice drowned in the noise around me?

I stop…I wait and then I move again. Did I move too soon? Did I wait too long?

I thought I heard something, but maybe it was just the dominant thought in my mind factory

I thought you said…but what has gone wrong?

I missed some steps, yes I thought I had a better idea

I stepped back, afraid to take the plunge…I only had excuses

It is still fuzzy…I can’t make out the shape or the boundaries yet

I still want to stay strong

I am reaching out for your hand to hold

I still feel the pull and I’ll go in that direction

I will keep going because you spoke ONCE!


©Godreigns Amedari


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