The New Year would bring to you a harvest that is based on the seeds you have sown or the seeds you would sow in the course of the year. The coming days may not produce sudden magical stories or special favours just because it is you. Each and every one of us must take hold of the New Year and craft the future we want. In whatever part of the world you are, governments and human authorities would really not be able to do much to bring the kind of changes you would really desire for yourself. This is simply because they are limited and still influenced by the forces that pull on all sides.2017

You would have to get up and create the future you want to see. There is a beautiful story of a blind man in the Bible called Bartimaeus who decided to scorn the civility of the day and cry out for a touch from Jesus the healer. You would have to be deliberate about the future you want and go beyond the ideals, general mindsets and perceptions you see around you. You don’t just pluck the future you want off a tree you see on a casual stroll, you create it by the seeds you choose to sow. It is also not the best to build your future with the images of the world around you (which are images created by others) but to build it with the dreams created in your heart (put there by God).

So what seeds are you sowing today? What are you committing your time NOW to doing? What investments are you making now? What are your priorities? What is your life map for the year ahead? If you take each day as it comes you would only have whatever the day presents to you. Make a plan!

Sow seeds of the Word of God into life. Gets scriptures that speak of the future you want and speak them continually over your life daily. Get scriptures for your personal development, character development, relationships, finances, career, businesses, etc

Focus on developing right and strong character. No human has the perfect personality. There is always going to be something to be worked on. If you think you are just cool, that itself is a problem and improvement may become an uphill task.

Give time to your key relationships and none is more important than your family relationships.

Give time to personal development. Learn a new skill, polish your talents; bring excellence to whatever you are passionate about doing. The scent of excellence is always distinct.

Take your relationship with God to a higher level. Commit time to studying God’s word and praying. It would be good to look back at the end of 2017 and know that you have had a truly healthy and growing walk with God during the year. This is key to not just staying above waters in the year but excelling in your space.

Have a great year.


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