Do you have 20/10 vision?


Some might think 20/20 vision is the best vision possible but no, it is just normal vision. If you have 20/10 visual acuity, your eyesight is twice as sharp as that of a person with normal (20/20) vision. There is just a small fraction of people in the world with 20/10 vision, possibly as low as 1%. These people have vision that is superior to that of the average person. They can see clearly at 20 feet what people with good vision can only see at 10 feet.

Studies say that about 35 percent of adults worldwide have 20/20 vision without any aids. With corrective measures, that number goes to 75 percent of the world’s adult population. This means averagely, most people can see normally with or without some assistance. There is however a very tiny percentage of people who have extraordinary vision. They have 20/10 vision or better. Yes, it is great to have such excellent vision because that would definitely be a plus in life. You might not achieve 20/10 vision with your physical eyes but you can achieve it with the eyes of your mind. Everyone around you might have normal vision but it is possible for you to have a keenness of perception that exceeds what is considered standard or normal.

Normal vision is what you get when everyone is doing the same thing, investing in the same thing, having the same perspective to life or discussing only what is immediately visible. 20/10 vision means we are able to predict at this time what the outlook of the decade would look like 5 years, 9 years or decades from now. In a world with so much competition, the ones who would get ahead are the ones who have got great foresight or sharper vision. These are people who do not just latch onto the trends of today but who can predict the trends and tides of the future.

If you are going to achieve blitzscaling in business, you are gonna need 20/10 vision or better. If you intend to get a sizeable chunk of the pie of the markets of the future, you are going to need more than normal vision or insight.

Today, people with 20/10 vision are asking questions about the future. How far would brain hacking go? What would molecular programming help us achieve? What would workplaces look like in 2045? What impact would automation have on management jobs? What would the impact of climatic change on personality types and emotions be? The list goes on…

So here are my tips for having a 20/10 vision mindset:

Be a voracious reader. Read books, articles, papers, etc related to the space you are interested in. Keep learning new things. Take online courses and do not just depend on a university degree. Sir Isaac Newton is reported to have said, ‘If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants’. Reading helps you achieve that.

Give some time to hobbies and games. I am talking about hobbies and games that stimulate your thinking and provide pleasure at the same time. Scientific researches indicate that certain hobbies improve our intelligence, whether it is crystallised, fluid or emotional intelligence. They also help with our cognitive abilities. Generally speaking, these hobbies are good for our brain health. Reading, playing computer games (non-addictive mode), playing an instrument, learning new languages, board games are fantastic.

Move with the right people. Your capacity for growth is largely influenced by the people around you. They determine how far you can see and how far you can go. They influence your perspective and your mindset. It is good to link up with people who have what you like but don’t have. You could have different layers and categories of relationships but it is important that your strongest links are with people who are upward and forward thinking.

Travel some more. Travelling provides a window to the world in a way nothing else does. It provides opportunities for all your senses to be engaged and stimulated by new experiences. Ideas and possibilities can be transferred from one area to another. The result is a more informed and challenged mind that is able to see beyond the horizons of your comfort zone. Thankfully, the world is larger than our small community.  So get inspired by the sights and sounds of places different from the ones you are already used to.

Walk with God. The ultimate seer has a clear picture of the future in all dimensions. He is the one who sees all and it makes maximum sense to walk with Him. Hagar called Him the God who sees. Our finite minds could be screaming in our faces that we have limits but walking with God brushes those limits aside. You may not be the impressive visionary leader, you may not always start out with the full script but you can end up with the greatest story ever, making people think you had special powers all along. But you know that all you did was follow the Seer closely.

It is a crowded space already. So many people can do what most people are already doing. It is rare insights that would distinguish you and bring you greater revenue, clients or global appeal. We can begin to create solutions for the problems of the future. Let’s go for 20/10 vision!


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