I love the Christian life because of its simplicity, power and the freedom it gives.

I love writing and sharing my thoughts as I discover more in my walk with God. Sometimes my discoveries result in a feeling of excitement, at other times, there is a feeling of rage…you might feel both dimensions or something more in my writings at different times.

I try to apply the truth I learn to the world around me in practical terms. And I have discovered that it always makes sense – in the short-term or long-term, depending on your measurement of time.

I love meeting people, particularly lovely families and I like being an extension of God’s helping hand.

I believe in the power of strong Christian families because they hold the key to halting the decay in morals and values in our world.

I love you for visiting my blog and I hope you get the juice out of what I have written.

Please leave your comments and feedback, I will take them seriously.

Still in His grip,

Godreigns Amedari





One comment

  1. Very interesting read, I look forward to more inspiring articles. Keeping up the good work!

    Optimistically yours,

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