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chuttersnap-461238-unsplashWhat makes you tick? What starts you off? What revs your engine? What triggers the right hormones? What fires your imagination? What propels you? What excites you? What motivates you? A morning ritual, a song, a hug, a special breakfast, memories of a special moment…? How about a reminder of God’s promises? How about the excitement of eating from the Lord’s table every morning? Yes, it is a feast of fat things. There is a plate of God’s joy for you. Yes, the joy of the Lord is your strength. There is a sufficient serving of His mercies. Yes, His mercies are new every morning. There is a satisfying dish of His grace. Yes, God is able to make His grace abound towards you. There is a refreshing chalice of His goodness. Yes, surely goodness and mercies shall follow us. There is a garrison of His favour around you.  Yes, He surrounds us with His favour like a shield. There is the assurance of His power. Yes, we are kept by His power. Soak in the freshness of His precious lovingkindness. He crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies. There is also a supply of the sweet Spirit of Jesus Christ. Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits. Hallelujah!

Psa. 23:5; Isa. 25:6; Neh 8:10; Lam 3:22-23; 2 Cor 9:8; Psa 23:6; Psa 5:12; I Pet 1:3-5; Psa 103:4; Phil 1:19; Psa 68:19



Blog pictureAs I drove to church one Sunday morning, I saw a billboard for a church program. The bold headline was ‘That witch must die’! I gritted my teeth, my fingernails almost digging into the steering wheel as I tightened my grip. I was terribly upset. I did a quick mental scan, wondering where in the teachings of Jesus and His apostles we could find a precedent for this? How did we descend so low? How did the people of the light lose their focus and get involved in daylight witchcraft? I had thought witches and witchcraft were usually associated with nocturnal activities. More seriously, I wondered why some in the church had decided to exchange their glory for the base life. This appeared to be the other gospel Paul was referring to. He marvelled that people were turning from the grace of God to some other gospel which was different from the one they had received. (Gal 1:6-10)

We have a received a gospel that tells the good news that Christ has defeated the enemy and raised us to sit with Him in heavenly places far above all other powers including those attributed to witches. So now, our focus should not be on killing witches in the villages or the cities. On the contrary, what we need is an experiential knowledge of the victory Jesus has given us in Him.

Do you know you are seated in heavenly places far above principalities and powers? Do you know that God can prepare a table before you and give you the victory while the witches are still breathing? Do you know that Jesus came to give life to all who would receive Him including witches? The church was not sent to kill witches but to preach the good news and the full gospel.

Sadly, we have an unfortunate situation on our hands. Rather than stimulating an atmosphere of love, some are busy stoking the flames of hated, selfishness and ungodly suspicion in the body. Or what would you say about this? Two people who are children of the stock of Abraham and who were previously friends, praying to God for the death of each other’s enemy. Which of them will God kill?

Our more important business is to bring the order and domain of the kingdom of heaven to earth. The order of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. An order that demonstrates the realities of victory over sin, sickness and death. An order that lights up the world with the love of Christ and the favour of God. Church leaders must redirect the body of Christ to its mission on earth. Rather than instil fear, they must build faith.  Rather than dignify the law, they should amplify the message of God’s grace.

Christians must discern the body. They must search the scriptures themselves to be sure the things they are told and sold are true. I must say, that we have become quite a lazy and powerless bunch, almost losing our godly influence in our communities. We must continually emphasize the finished work of Christ. We must seek to understand the victory Jesus has already procured. We should pray that the eyes of our understanding are open so that we may know the extravagance of the work He has done for us and the immensity of the glory He has given us.

Christians who know their place would fear no witch. They know their lives are hid with Christ in God!


Healing Scriptures

Lifelines (1)

Give attention to my words. Incline your ear to my sayings… they are life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh. The Word of God is His ultimate prescription for health and healing.

How about having God’s word read in your ears while you are awake or asleep. I have compiled a collections of verses from the Word of God that speak about God’s thoughts on our healing, health and wholeness. The compilation is strictly God’s word and has been specially arranged by the help of the Spirit of God. You can listen to it over and over as it ministers to your spirit, soul and body. Typically, we do our best to follow the doctor’s prescription for medications given. In addition, I now encourage you to take the prescription of God’s word day and night.

We plug our ears with the latest music beats and sometimes sleep off in the process. How about having God’s word read in your ears, even as you doze off. Think about having God’s word imprinted in your subconscious. While you work, while you cook, while you exercise, let God’s word get into you.

Download this scripture compilation here and share with family and friends. This is an invaluable gift you can give to anyone.

Like this post, share it, get this to as many people as you love. It is God’s unadulterated Word!

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Sometime ago, I got a message from a friend inviting me to his home for a chat over drinks. Coincidentally, about that period I had been thinking about how difficult staying physically connected to family and friends was becoming. Gone are the days when people in the neighbourhood gather together in the evening after work to chat and laugh together. Before mobile phones came, it was not unusual to show up at the door of your friend’s house for a quick hello and get the warmest welcome possible. Weekends used to be great opportunities to bond with loved ones over meals or just under the beautiful skies. This still happens but I am sure you can testify that it is not as frequent these days as it used to be years back. Nowadays, we are caught up in so many activities, a lot of them related to chasing the loot, so that sometimes even phone calls are at a premium. Yeah, we use social media to keep in touch but it is quite on a superficial level. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I got that message for one of such rare soirees. I saved the date everywhere possible and got to my friend’s house as scheduled. Sure enough, we had drinks and we bantered along. I also noticed that there were a couple of other people around, known to my host but not familiar to me as at that moment. Then, someone spoke about some presentation to be made on the flat screen TV in the living room which we all patiently watched and listened to. I found out that this was a presentation about a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity. The speaker was quite articulate and convincing and the mood had been perfectly set for the presentation. I guarantee you that enough had been done and said to make you give more than a second thought to what was being spoken about that evening.

As I drove home that night I thought about the events of the evening and the extent we could go to sell our ideas or drive a vision. I realized that I had just been at an outreach or evangelistic campaign, although not one to preach Jesus but one to preach wealth creation. I got to know that several of such meet-ups happen around and the ‘harvest’ is usually worth it. But before MLM, there was the great commission, an instruction from our Saviour shortly before He ascended to heaven, to go and make disciples in all nations. So how about having a soiree, inviting friends over, having mocktails and sharing testimonies about different salvation experiences or showing a movie like War room or The Case for Christ, for example? What about just having unchurched friends over for Suya and asking to pray for any pressing needs or healing requests.

The message of salvation has not changed and will not change but our presentation of the gospel should be relevant to the generation we connect with. The dynamics of relationships are more complex nowadays, technology is advancing at the speed of light and there are more activities competing for the 24-hour time quota we all have. Do not forget too that the devil is quite busy on his tasks, maybe busier than he has ever been. Thus our methods of reach out must be persuasive and able to get the required attention of the people we connect with. These days, a lot of time is spent online in the cyber world. Our social media platforms provide the perfect space to preach the gospel. In a way, our life stories are told on the various platforms we interact with. When people read these stories, what do they perceive? When we surf the net and cruise along the internet highway, what scent do we leave behind? Facebook, for example, would ask you, ‘What’s on your mind?’ What response do we drop before heading to the next hangout? Some people see this as an opportunity express the frustration they feel about a certain situation or vent their anger at someone. But it can also be a great platform to consistently share the good news and the impact it has made in our lives. So while we continue our traditional methods of reaching out, we must know that we have an equally powerful opportunity in the cyber space to preach the good news, either by organizing online hangouts, tweeting about God’s faithfulness or blogging about the pleasures of our walk with God. The harvest is ripe, be a willing labourer (Luke 10:2).

Feeling guilty?

Are there times you feel far from God? You feel you have fallen short? You don’t feel like a Christian? I have felt like that a couple of times too. Sometime ago, I heard a Christian leader I respect a lot say he had felt that way a number of times too. Phew! I felt better knowing I was not alone, knowing I was not the only Christian who felt that way.
Sometimes we feel disconnected from God. Maybe we have deviated from our communion program, Bible study regimen, been unfaithful in an area, missed a step or fallen flat on our faces. It could be something different for you. You just know that it’s not what it used to be.
What has helped me in such moments is that I have not hesitated to go back to my Heavenly Father as soon as I realize the situation. The solution is never to stay away or keep running but to go back home. You might feel dirty or unworthy but that is when God’s love is best known. One of the biggest lies the devil tries to drum into our ears is that God is mad at us or that God hates us. This is not true at all. God’s love for us never depreciates. God says, Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with loving-kindness I have drawn you (Jeremiah 31:3). God has not moved from where He first met us. We are the ones who keep moving. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble… even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea (Psalm 46:1-2).

116h.jpgLike dirty hands would always need some hand wash or soap bar to get clean, we will always need the immaculate One to pick us up, clean us up and put us on our feet again. His arms are always wide open to hold you and cuddle you because you are His dear child. Dear friend, Love would never turn you away.


The New Year would bring to you a harvest that is based on the seeds you have sown or the seeds you would sow in the course of the year. The coming days may not produce sudden magical stories or special favours just because it is you. Each and every one of us must take hold of the New Year and craft the future we want. In whatever part of the world you are, governments and human authorities would really not be able to do much to bring the kind of changes you would really desire for yourself. This is simply because they are limited and still influenced by the forces that pull on all sides.2017

You would have to get up and create the future you want to see. There is a beautiful story of a blind man in the Bible called Bartimaeus who decided to scorn the civility of the day and cry out for a touch from Jesus the healer. You would have to be deliberate about the future you want and go beyond the ideals, general mindsets and perceptions you see around you. You don’t just pluck the future you want off a tree you see on a casual stroll, you create it by the seeds you choose to sow. It is also not the best to build your future with the images of the world around you (which are images created by others) but to build it with the dreams created in your heart (put there by God).

So what seeds are you sowing today? What are you committing your time NOW to doing? What investments are you making now? What are your priorities? What is your life map for the year ahead? If you take each day as it comes you would only have whatever the day presents to you. Make a plan!

Sow seeds of the Word of God into life. Gets scriptures that speak of the future you want and speak them continually over your life daily. Get scriptures for your personal development, character development, relationships, finances, career, businesses, etc

Focus on developing right and strong character. No human has the perfect personality. There is always going to be something to be worked on. If you think you are just cool, that itself is a problem and improvement may become an uphill task.

Give time to your key relationships and none is more important than your family relationships.

Give time to personal development. Learn a new skill, polish your talents; bring excellence to whatever you are passionate about doing. The scent of excellence is always distinct.

Take your relationship with God to a higher level. Commit time to studying God’s word and praying. It would be good to look back at the end of 2017 and know that you have had a truly healthy and growing walk with God during the year. This is key to not just staying above waters in the year but excelling in your space.

Have a great year.

Brain on fire

Sometime ago I attended a training which held in one of the hotels in Abuja. Looking through the glass door of the hall I was in, I observed a security personnel who sat by the door all through the training session. Apparently, his responsibility was to keep an eye on activities just outside the hall which really were very minimal save the sparse occurrences of people coming in and going out of the hall. For most of the time, his chin was seated comfortably in his palm as he sat in a somewhat reflective mood. His demeanour didn’t look quite optimistic. I might be wrong but I felt his thoughts fell into one of two categories. He was either thinking about the past and current happenings around him or thinking about the future. Thoughts could wander from thinking about struggles along life’s highway to how last month’s salary got zapped so quickly or what financial alternatives lay in the future. Just my wild guess anyway.brain_on_fire

All humans think but we don’t all think the same way, we don’t all have the same thinking patterns and we don’t all process thoughts the same way. Our minds are factories processing several thoughts in a day. Usually, our words and actions are the products of our thoughts. We process all kinds of thoughts in our minds – the good, the bad and the ugly. If we act on the right thoughts, we get the right outcomes. If we act on the wrong thoughts, we waste energy and we lose out. Not every thought is productive. Not every thought moves us forward. But we can process the right thoughts and act on them – thoughts that propel us in the direction of our purpose and destiny.

Thought patterns determine what we pursue and what we seek to accomplish. Thought patterns differentiate the poor from the rich. A million bucks in the hands of someone with the wrong thought pattern would not produce the same returns as the same amount in the hands of someone with the right thought pattern. Said in another way, the value of money in the hands of someone who only thinks about acquiring property or amassing wealth is different from the value of the same amount in the hands of someone who thinks of providing solutions. By the way, note that solution-oriented businesses usually outlast for-profit-only businesses.

Yet again, there are two extremes. Some people believe that their human ability and capacity alone is all they need to create, innovate or achieve anything. Another set of people sit back and wait for the Holy Spirit to show them what to do and how to do it while sending their brains to sleep! Both extremes are dangerous. One denies the influence God can bring into a person’s life via His Spirit and the other denies the God-given creative capacity that lies in us. The child of God is blessed because he or she can enjoy the best of both worlds. We have inherent intelligence and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to call on at any time.

Let’s get ready to put our brains to work. Let’s task our brains. What ideas do we have? How can we do things better? Are there any other ways of achieving the results we get now? How can we maximize our gains and reduce effort and cost? In what ways can I apply my skills and talents? How can I serve my church or community differently? You might not always get immediate and perfect answers. Some thoughts might even appear awkward. But where the finite stops, the infinite kicks in. You can rely on the Holy Spirit to help. He would take the thoughts in God’s mind and put them in your mind (I Corinthians 2:12). He can also give guidance on the thoughts already being processed in your mind.

It’s always fantastic to pray in the Holy Spirit and look to receive His inspiration. Praying in the Holy Spirit unties wrapped up thoughts. It improves your capacity to innovate and conceive. It liberates from mediocre thinking. It propels to the realm of creativity. It fires up your thinking process.

There is nothing like waking up fired up with thoughts that make you wanna run or skip. So take some time to pray in the Spirit and this is something you can do before you go to sleep at night. Then expect to have God’s thoughts distil upon your mind so that you wake up with His thoughts and ideas on your mind in the morning. When you begin your day with the thoughts and ideas God put in your mind, you leverage on His wisdom to conquer the day. And when those thoughts are fired by the power of the Holy Spirit, you always have good success. Victor Hugo, a poet in 19th century once said, ‘Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come’. This is my version: Nothing can stop a Holy Spirit-inspired idea because its time has come!


Thought check: What are those ideas God has put in your heart that you need to act on now?