One morning after it had rained, I had It’s A Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace playing in the car as I drove on a muddy road. The dance steps in my feet found better expression on my hands with my head nodding in perfect agreement. I found it so easy to sing along, agreeing that indeed it was a beautiful day. The weather was cool, I was not driving in traffic, not hurrying anywhere, and there were no worries in my head at that moment…I was just coasting along on the road even though it was muddy. Then it occurred to me that I could pass someone walking along that same muddy road who would have heard my car sound system blaring and who would be wondering what was beautiful about the day. First, it was cold because of the rain, next the fellow would have to endure walking on the muddy road, getting his or her footwear and clothes really dirty and stained with mud. I realised then that it is pretty easy to be grateful in convenient moments!

Think about this: The one who has children could easily be grateful for a full quiver while the one waiting for the fulfilment of the promise would be thinking… There could be someone with two job offers and whose only problem is whether to take the one with an annual vacation but no 13th month salary or the one that has the reverse conditions. At the same moment, there could be someone who has sent 100 job applications over the last 12 months and has not received more than an email to acknowledge the applications. Someone could be feeling as fit as a fiddle while another just remembered the shot she has to live on for the rest of her life except God brings a miracle. A couple you know may be celebrating their 10th year wedding anniversary with everything around them shouting that they had enjoyed every bit of their lives together thus far. And you might have had 5 breakups in the last 6 years and still have questions about your current relationship. Your friend’s children may be excelling in school with a couple of them on scholarships while your child has struggled with his academics and spent a couple of days each term on the hospital bed. You are not alone on this. Jabez had his experience, Joseph had his own story, Job lived his too.

Your life might be a potpourri of the good, the bad and the ugly. You might be enjoying what some would term an unusual level of grace with no major challenges or incidents on your path. Or maybe the reverse is the case – your life story might indicate that you’ve never hit a purple patch all your life. But like Job said in Job 14:14 …all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come. I also know that all things are working together for my good because I love God. Even if God keeps me this way, my report at the end of the day would not be different from those mentioned in the hall of faith – that they walked in faith and obtained a good report (Hebrews 11). God has the marking scheme and knows what He is looking out for – a man or woman whose heart is fully committed to Him.

But while I wait, I will stay focused on what He has said about me. The thoughts would come, the images would flash across my mind, those voices might interrupt my silent space but I would remain resolute in my focus on God’s word. I will keep His Word before me, in my heart. He says His thoughts for me are thoughts of peace and not of evil and He would give me the expected end. The words on my lips would always align with God’s thoughts towards me. My confessions would dovetail with my belief. This is the quorum needed for the manifestation of the promise in my life.

Yes, it’s a beautiful day. We would still sing our song.




This is inspired by the words of Job in Chapter 29 of the Old Testament book of Job.

God takes good care of me

He always holds a lamp before me

I walk through the dark by His light

God’s friendship graces my life and home

The Mighty One is always by my side

My children are all around me

Everything is going my way

My steps are bathed in cream and the rock pours out rivers of oil for me

Wherever I am, the young and the old greet me with respect

I am honoured by everyone in town

When I speak, people listen; they hang on my every word

People who know me speak well of me

My reputation goes ahead of me

I am known for helping people in trouble

And for standing up for those who have no helper

The dying bless me and the bereaved are cheered by my visit

All my dealings with people are good

I am known for being fair to everyone I meet

I am eyes to the blind and feet to the lame

I am a father to the needy and the champion of the outcast

I break the fangs of the wicked and pluck the victim from his teeth

My days are multiplied as the sand

My life is deep-rooted and well-watered

The dew lies all night on my branch

My glory is fresh within me and my body stays robust

Men and women listen when I speak; they hang expectantly on my every word

After I speak, they are quiet, taking it all in

They welcome my counsel like the new rain, drinking it all in

When I smile, their faces light up and their troubles take wing!

I lead, establishing the mood and setting the pace for the world around me

This is me because I have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God lives in me.