In an article I read in the New York Times recently, the writer opined about the challenges and intricacies of getting into the top one percent of the richest folks in America. He reasoned that his present income and investments would not get him anywhere near this golden lot. A friend of his advised that if he wanted to make it into the clique of the extremely wealthy, he had to make money the single most important thing in his life. I can interpret this to mean eat money, drink money, think money, sleep money, in short, make your entire life revolve around money!
Today, I see that the bestselling books are about making money; the most searched items on the internet have to do with increasing financial power. A large portion of our newest relationships have been triggered by the need to get more cash. You might be reading this because you think I am actually going to reveal some new secrets about wealth creation. Well, you are not wrong, but maybe not completely right in the way you expect. But I believe this would pay off, if you want it God’s way.
There are 2 ways to get stupendous wealth. One, you can get all the wealth you want if you would bow to the devil and worship him. Remember Satan offered Jesus all the glory of this world if He would only pay obeisance to him (Luke 4:6-7). This wealth is actually in his hands because Adam gave it to him when he disobeyed God in Eden. Today, Satan, the prince of this world is offering this wealth to those who would sell their souls to him. Sadly, a lot are doing that today. They don’t realize that the loss of their souls is far greater than the gains from stocks or black gold.
Secondly, you can bind the strong man and take His possession. This is not about begging God for money but about forcefully collecting what is rightfully yours from the devil. In Luke 11:21-22, Jesus said, ‘When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils’. The strong man here is the devil and he was defeated on the cross and in hell by our Saviour. The wealth of the earth is restored to us but he would always want to keep us oblivious of this truth. He would even want to oppress us with our own wealth. Today, the world sees the child of God as an enemy and would not shy away from being mean to him or her when money is involved. The enemy knows that a wealthy Christian is a threat to the kingdom of darkness and he would do all he can to keep the righteous financially handicapped. The wealth he holds rightly belongs to us. As long as we are ignorant of this fact, the devil is comfortable smoking his Cuban cigar. But the truth liberates. Jesus said it and I believe this. The wealth of this world belongs to me and I am taking it back. The wealth of the wicked is mine for the asking and taking. And so by faith and the authority given me in Christ I demand a handover of what is rightfully mine in Jesus’ name. The powers that control my wealth are bound and my riches are released to me.
I am reminded of God’s instruction to Moses concerning the land of Heshbon. God had given Israel the land but he commanded Moses to contend with Sihon the king in battle and possess the land. God has given us the victory and now we need to collect the spoils of the battle from the hands of the enemy. I’m not fighting against physical beings but spiritual forces, Paul didn’t forget to say that in one of his letters. But I am guaranteed of a resounding victory by God. My little efforts become fruitful, ideas become money spinners, I begin to make the right connections, and doors of financial miracles are flung open in my face because I am living the experience of a won spiritual battle. Do you feel me?